We are HONORED that you have chosen Upper Iowa Resort & Rental for your get-a-way and vacation plans. We are thankful for our valued customers, both new and old, returning time after time. Before we became campground owners this was our favorite place to camp and we were seasonal campers for many years when our family was young. We are truly blessed now owning this unique piece of northeast Iowa and sharing this with so many great people through the years. It is our hope that you have a relaxing and enjoyable visit here and want you to return year after year.

Sincerely, Bob & Kristi Hager

Campground Policies And Procedures


* We hold all of our reservations with your credit card number. When you call to make a reservation, you will be asked, “How many people will be staying? (adults, children and infants)” The number of people in your reservation, over four, will determine what your cost will be. If more people decide to come this rate will be adjusted when you check in at the OFFICE. Additional rent rate applies over four people.


* Camping check-in is 2 PM unless previously approved by staff that it is OK to come in early. And check-out time is also 2 PM unless extended stay is been payed for and approved by staff. No early check-ins or late check-outs allowed for one night stays without additional Day Rate assessed.
* Cabin check-in is 3 PM and an 11 AM check-out time to allow plenty of time for cleaning. Early check-ins allowed if cabin vacant the night before. Please check with Office.
* River Rentals are encouraged to arrive 15-30 minutes before your shuttle time.


* One camper per site unless previously authorized. You may put a tent on a site if it is your own small child, otherwise tents of any kind will pay an additional tent fee.
* If you have a rock pad the camper must park on the rock pad.
* Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring; you may not move the fire ring to another spot. If the fire ring is moved without permision and results in a new burn spot you will be charged a $25 fee.
* Please do not burn any kind of trash, cans, or bottles in your fire pit. Burn firewood only! Fire wood can be bought at our office. You can bring your own wood as long as it does not have nails in it and you bring home the wood that you do not burn.
* Quiet time is 11 PM until 8 AM. Anyone disrespecting any of our rules, esspecialy quiet time, will be asked to leave without a refund.
* Please place your bagged trash, household garbage only, at our barrels that are placed throughout the campground.
* No carpet to be used for door mats only breathable camp mats. After a maximum of 3 days you must pull up mats for part of the day to allow grass to breath and get sunlight. We do have Can Barrels next to each Trash Barrel for your aluminum cans and returnable plastic bottles.
* Alcohol is allowed; however, no kegs allowed without prior approval. Disorderly conduct or public drunkenness may result in removal from the campground without refund!
* Guests and their visitors are expected to behave in a manner consistent with a family atmosphere. Adult supervision is required for all minors (under 18) i.e. no leaving minors unattended.
* We need to protect our trees! Please do not chop on our trees, hang on branches of young trees so as to not bend or break the branches, or nail/screw any item into our trees.
* Please do not wash your campers/RV’s during a busy camper weekend.
* Help conserve electrical use by making sure outside lights are turned off when retiring for bed, doors/windows closed when AC is running, and you raise the camper temperature when you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, i.e. on the river.
* We have two modern bathhouses for your use. Please help us to keep them clean by removing personal items. If a restroom is found in poor condition or short on supplies, please report to us immediately in the Office! Thank you for helping us to maintain a clean facility!
* We also have two dumpstations for your use. One at the entrance to the campground without a water hydrant and one located next to the back bathroom which does have a water hydrant. Help us protect our septic systems by not putting any personal hygiene products in your camper tanks. Paper products only. We also have a honey wagon if you need to have your tanks emptied during an extended stay. There is a fee for this service and an additional fee if an emergency dump is required. We do this service during the weekday.
* We have a general store which features food, lots of ice cream, and a variety of supplies for your camping needs.
* NO ATV’s or golf carts are allowed. However, we encourage you to bring your bicycles. We do have a bike rack located near the pool/Office area.


*Upper Iowa Resort & Rental has a two week cancellation policy on all campsites and cabin rentals. Cancellations within the two week time period are charged in full to your credit card. We know family related deaths, sickness, last minute unplanned events or other real life issues out of anyone’s control do occasionally happen. We are a “small” private campground so cancellations of any kind greatly affect us. In the event of an emergency we will try our best and fill this lost reservation.
* You can add nights, if available. No refunds for early departures.
* River Activity Cancellations are for 48 hours or greater. Any cancellations within that 48 hour time frame will be charged to your credit card number. The only exception will be weather related. If it is cloudy or overcast we still expect you to keep your reservation and know you will enjoy your time out on the river; however, if it’s raining or plans to storm we wouldn’t want to be out on the river either! Some people have braved the storm knowing it would soon pass. Others, who may be camping or renting a cabin, will reschedule their trip for later in the day.


* If upon your check-in to the Cabin you find something in non-working order or is damaged you need to notify the Office ASAP. Any damage done during your stay in our cabins will be assessed and repaired at your expense.
* River Rentals (Canoes, kayaks, inner tubes): We send everything out in working order. If canoes, kayaks, inner tubes, life jackets, and paddles are damaged during your use you will be responsible for paying for that damaged or lost item.


* ALL cabins are smoke free. Smoking outside is fine as long as all doors and windows are shut. Please use the furnished “Butt Buckets” and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground at any time on our property.


* Pets are allowed in the campground as long as owners take proper care of them, clean up after all duties are done, keep them on a leash, make sure they do not dig and control barking. Pets are not allowed in our swimming pool but you can take them swimming in the Upper Iowa River. Pets should not be left unattended.
* We do allow SOME pets in SOME of our cabins for a pet fee. It is mandatory that you inform us you wish to bring a pet upon the time reservations are made. All pets must be pre-approved. Please make sure you keep your pet in a carrier or kennel while you are away from your cabin. Unauthorized occupancy of pets will result in immediate eviction and no refund will be given. Pet fees for the cabins are an additional fee of $25 per night for well behaved pets in cabin. Two dog maximum. Cabins 2 and 5 are pet free. Damage caused by your pets to our cabins will be assessed to your credit card based on the cost of repair.


* Children must have adult supervision.
* Only strong swimmers past the rope unless you have a life jacket on. (Life jackets available to rent in the OFFICE if you forgot to bring yours.
* No pushing or shoving on the dock.
* No glass containers in the pool or picnic area.
* Absolutely no cans, bottles, or cups in the pool.
* No pets allowed in the pool.
* Swim at your own risk.
* Please clean up after yourself.


* We can not guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, air conditioning, wifi, or other appliances. Please report any inoperative equipment to us immediately. We will make every reasonable effort to have repairs done quickly and efficiently. No refunds or rent reductions will be made. As we all know “things” do occasionally stop working, we hope this doesn’t happen during your visit.


* Many different pests live and thrive in this area. Although we do perform regular pest control on all of our cabins, we do not guarantee them to be FREE of ALL pests. Should you experience a “pest control issue” please contact us. We cannot offer any compensation for the presence of pests.


* Please place all the furniture back in the arrangement in which you found it upon arrival.
* In our fully furnished cabins (Cabin 2 & 5) bed linen and bath towels are not “changed” during your stay. Bath towels are NOT for beach use. Please remember to bring these along with you.
* We do check our cabin inventory list after your stay and will contact you if anything is damaged or missing.


* Any use of our facility is at your own risk. Should an injury arise all guests agree to immediately report any accident, injury or property damage to the owner or staff. And, if a hazard or dangerous situation exists on the premise, guests must notify the owner or staff immediately.
* Guests should understand they are solely responsible for any property damage, accident, injury to any persons or loss sustained by any person, including loss of money and items of personal property, arising out of or in any way related to guest’s use of the premises or the items of personal property provided by Upper Iowa Resort & Rental.
* Commercial video/photography is conducted here. And we reserve the right to use any photograph or video taken at Upper Iowa Resort & Rental property for any use we choose, including but not limited to use on our website, online use, brochures, printed materials, advertising materials, posted videos, and for public exhibit.

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay! Our policies are intended to keep campers safe & enhance everyone’s camping experience. We thank you for camping with us, obeying our rules, and enforcing those rules with your children and visitors. Thank you!